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The rules of the game vary from one casino to another, depending primarily on the software used . Thus, the house advantage or the odds vary based on the rules and the number of cards. The links below will give you the basic strategies for the major software companies. Feel free to print out the applicable blackjack cheat sheet. The advantage of the online game is that nobody will look at you funny for playing with the strategy beside you. See also Online Blackjack Odds.

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Boss Media
Realtime Gaming (RTG)
Vegas Technology (formerly Odds On)
BeTheDealer Casino
Random Logic
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Unified Gaming

The Playtech software is fast, secure and provides a very realistic online casino experience. Playtech offers a excellent 6-deck game where you can double on any 2 cards and double after split. The house edge is 0.42%. The Playtech software can provide instant bonuses and instant comps. You only need the one basic strategy as all the Playtech casinos use the same rules.

Microgaming, established in 1994 was the first company to develop a fully operational online casino system. The single deck version is quite rare now. You will ususally find the new software version that has "European" and "Regular" games offered.  Of the two, the 2 deck European game offers the best odds with a house edge of 0.33%. The regular game has a house advantage of 0.51%
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Boss Media
Boss Media has some incredible singledeck games.  These games are getting scarce because they actually give the basic strategy player an advantage of 0.11%.   The 6 deck game has a house advantage of 0.46%

The Realtime Gaming software is extremely fast to play, allowing you to reach your wagering requirements quickly. RTG software uses somewhere between 4 and 8 decks. The dealer hits soft 17. Using 6 decks, the house edge is 0.63%.

Cryptologic offers an 8 deck game that is very close to Atlantic City rules. The house edge is 0.44%.

Vegas Technology (former Odds On)
Vegas Technology offers a 4 deck game where you can only double on 9,10,11 and you cannot double after split. The house edge is 0.62%

BeTheDealer offers a 6 deck game with a house advantage of 0.77%. Plan on having fun playing as the dealer is a lot of fun.

Random Logic
Random Logic offers a 4 deck game with a house edge of 0.41%


Printable Cheat Sheet: Just print the free basic strategy card and play.

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